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Sep 07

I always knew that the generation who went outside to play developed immunities faster than the younger generations who stayed inside the house most of the time but I’m starting to wonder if that has anything to do with gluten allergies, an increase in the amount of people with morton’s toe, higher sensitivities to the sun, lower thresholds for pain and the reason we blog. Man, the urge to smash all of my electronic devices is getting severe. Can’t go out like Elvis 2.0, on the toilet with a smartphone in my hand. I think I’m gonna stop masturbating and drinking alcohol entirely and see if I can’t grow back some adultness (fuck your literacy campaign, Tumblr, I’ll make up whatever words I want). I forgot why I even broke the internet hiatus I said I was gonna have. Probably because the internet’s making me dumber.

Anyway, Eyeshield 21 is awesome..

Sep 06

Portland isn’t half bad sometimes. A man in a red plaid miniskirt, pink tankini, and pink grrl power Nikes (but had a clashing green handbag, which bothered me) stopped in the middle of traffic to wave at me and smile. Mind you, his body was toned and buffed and he had stubble so he was just a dude in women’s clothing. No confusion, no gender debating, no triggers, no hormone breasts and Crocs like the trans-person-continental in my complex who freaks everyone out, just a dude in women’s clothing being super happy and possibly high on MDMA. Godspeed, you noble warrior. I then got on the bus and read some 1Q84 over someone’s shoulder who may or may not have been a prolific bondage model I don’t want to name just in case it wasn’t her. People are ok today for some reason.

Sep 05

My mother just confided in me that she’d like to champion for little boys who are going to grow up thinking they’re awful because of all the “women are amazing” campaigns and “girl power” stuff while the only things you can say about men are “they have privilege” despite clearly seeing how discrimination affects everyone.
I told her “mom, I love you, but this is why I hate women.” She then said to me “no, you hate bad people and I’m sorry that young women are ruining this country. Maybe it’ll be better when we get the hell out of Portland.”
"It’s a good thing you’re saying that to me and not someone who will sell you out to the equal rights campaign, Nazi Europe style."
"It hasn’t gotten that bad, is it?"
I then listed her the names of the women who have fucked with me and she just sighed at me. My mother was a feminist. She’s also 56. Makes me think of all the old punk rockers looking at the kids in plaid pants, wondering “what have we done?”

She can’t come out and say it but she laughs when I tell her it’d be easier if I were gay. I mean, there are two kinds of privilege. One is historical and based on bias, the one referenced in the Invisible Knapsack (the bible for today’s liberal - and equally as misconstrued and abused as the bible for christians as well), and the other is a social privilege. Tina Fey, one of the last great feminist comedy writers, used this in 30 Rock by standing up for women’s rights while also making sure to note that if you’re running against a black lesbian, you’re gonna lose that election, there’s no say in the matter - sympathy and progressiveness is more influential, which is its own privilege and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. Almost seems like something Rousseau would make note of: a contrasting kind of two privileged system that kept all people naturally governed without the need to rely on others.

In related news, I was asked about diversity at a job interview today and I said “buy telecom stocks but pay attention to the energy and biochem markets and keep a standby in media because you can always follow what happens in the tabloids.” 1 of the 4 women laughed so I immediately checked to see if she had a wedding ring. No go but the one who gave me the stink eye was single so, hey…

Sep 04

This is actually pretty dead on.

"Um, my sister taught me how to play when we were 4 so it’s a lie." Right, because this is about every single female and they all happen to be like you/her. This is why we have guys defending themselves because "no, we’re not all like that." Check your privilege, you’re not the center of the universe. There are women who like Batman. And there are women who wear Batman panties for money. If you’re the former, this isn’t about you and you’re the miniscule minority. No one hates you, hell, we wish there were more of you so we could reach some semblance of true equality. It’s them, the Anita Sharkskinmans, we hate.


This is actually pretty dead on.

"Um, my sister taught me how to play when we were 4 so it’s a lie." Right, because this is about every single female and they all happen to be like you/her. This is why we have guys defending themselves because "no, we’re not all like that." Check your privilege, you’re not the center of the universe. There are women who like Batman. And there are women who wear Batman panties for money. If you’re the former, this isn’t about you and you’re the miniscule minority. No one hates you, hell, we wish there were more of you so we could reach some semblance of true equality. It’s them, the Anita Sharkskinmans, we hate.

Aug 25

Tumblr is the best place to talk about this because of all the feminists.

I’ve been on a movie-watching bender for the past couple of days and I’ve noticed that everything goes pretty well until a female character says “you should think of the kids,” “what about me,” “you’re too old to be doing this” or “I don’t even know you anymore” and, out of nowhere, there’s a sad montage in which our hero packs up his knives. Man, why do protagonists care about that anyway? You practice for a fight for years and then, one day, a woman says “you’re acting like a child” and you go “oh, good point” and just give up? Oh well, gotta stretch the movie somehow, I guess. Until much later, of course, when she criticizes him for just moping and not believing in himself. That’s only if the guy is nice, though, because if he cheats on the female character, he gets the FBI called on him and gets to spend the next 4 decades in a cell because that’s turnabout. It seems like the only movie I haven’t seen this past week has been Casino and yet I keep revisiting it in my head.

Then again, kids are worse. Seriously, children are the goddamn worst.

Aug 24
Aug 24
Aug 24
Aug 24
Aug 19

Gotta stay zen on these streets.

Feminists are trying to ruin the good day I’m having (shouldn’t have gone downtown) but because I’m in a good mood, I think I’ve got the zen answer to it. They seem happy enough ignoring everything that’s wrong with their cause and content with demonizing men as they disappoint the women who fought and died for their rights. Shit, I should do that too. Simply ignoring and cutting them out of my life, even if I’ve known them for years, feels pretty good. I mean, think of it like a zombie apocalypse (lol so quirky). If your father turns, you gotta take out the head or just ditch him. Well, erasing friends I’ve had for a very long time because they too became the protesting undead is the same thing and it’s pretty liberating. They don’t wanna talk to men because they’re afraid of getting raped 24/7 even though the police is on their side? Cool, I won’t talk to them.

For the longest time, I thought that was horrible because I just want to get along with people and I want everyone to be happy but if you can’t bring them back to life, don’t bother trying. In this internet age where everyone just gets dumber and dumber, reblogging some stupid Taylor Swift bullshit, distancing yourself from it and its people can only help you in the long run. Sure, it gets lonely not having as many people to talk to but I’d rather read a book than risk catching a case because a drunk girl feels like making trouble. I’m gonna go outside and attend some meetups, have some fun, but the second it gets personal, it’ll be made perfectly clear that I don’t want anything from anyone unless it’s weed. You bring up politics and I’m leaving you at the bus stop. When we all marry foreign people and leave them to their own devices, their generations will just die out. When WW3 happens, who’s going to represent the US? Tumblr? Ok, have fun, kids, I’m defecting or dying in peace. You can only dedicate so much energy to these people, you know? Life is short and it’s been way too long since I played dodgeball. That’s what I’m gonna do this weekend. Play some fucking dodgeball. Maybe I’ll make new friends but I honestly don’t care.

Actually, fuck it, I’m just gonna leave the internet for a while because this shithole is just as bad as Portland, except there are tens of millions more people on the internet. No idea when I’ll be back. Later, bitches.

Aug 16
Aug 16
Aug 14
Aug 14

Re: feminism rants.

All that said, if you have the patience to read the previous post, that’s terrific and I’m proud to have reblogged it. If not, unfollow me.

Even if I never post about feminism again, I still don’t want to be connected to people who promote or condone what it is now. And not just because I hate you all but because my mother hates you all. To watch a real feminist become disenfranchised and disgusted by the generation of people using the movement as a way to complain about the shit in their lives they don’t have the courage to fix or a justification to hate those who are different because it’s easier than loving yourself for who you are, that’s what makes her and I both sick. If you are willing to defend feminism, you are willing to defend fascism and you are no friend of mine.

Aug 14






Okay, so you know how feminists like to insist that the movement is about equality, not women, and how they like to claim that the dictionary says feminism is about equality?

It doesn’t. Not the Google result for “define:feminism”. Not the site summary for, or /r/Feminism, or Wikipedia, the OED, Webster, or

Every single one says it’s about women’s rights. Equality is at best a justification.

The closest is Webster’s, which, curiously, draws a clear distinction between feminism as a belief in equality, and feminism as a movement for women.

They’re the same thing. It’s about equality from a woman standpoint. Your standoffishness towards this is akin to getting angry at LGBT rights groups for calling themselves an equality movement.

There’s no contradiction, just a specific focus. This is scraping through the bottom of the barrel if I ever saw it.

I have a question. Does being a feminist mean you can’t support other things as well? That’s the way most people make it seem.

Feminism has evolved over the years since its original induction to further the lives of women. Intersectional feminism not only works to better the lives of specific oppressed groups, it looks for and challenges systems of oppression. Racism is a system of oppression. Misogyny is a system of oppression. Ablism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, etc are all systematic institutionalized forms of oppression.

And yet, “intersectional” feminism still ignores the issues men may face for being men, even when they’re part of other minority groups. I hear a lot about how the cops profiling black dudes, like me, is racism, but little about how it’s also sexism. And it fits the definition of institutionalized bias as well.

I like how you just toss in the SJ language instead of layman’s terms thar.

So of course being a feminist isn’t exclusively about women. You can support as many causes within that framework as you see fit!

Choose your own feminism, is that it?

It’s important to ask yourself “Who am I oppressing? Am I being oppressive to a group already struggling, or am I being critical of a group already placed in a position of power and privilege?”

I’m sorry, but I think that “oppression” and “privilege” are far too binary, as commonly applied in social justice circles. It’s held as axiomatic that there are certain groups that can never be considered op-

Most white, cisgendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical and specifically DMAB people

Yes, exactly, thank you for the example.

Incidentally, when Elliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage, many feminists bent over backwards to ignore his Asperger’s and clear mental issues to make it all about his hatred of women. So much for concern for non-neurotypicals there.

don’t realize how they’re being oppressive because they have the privilege of not having to fight for recognition, or that their bodies, gender, or sexuality has never been a politicized issue.

Please tell that to the shedloads of men and boys who have been circumcised, currently estimated at as high as, oh, a third of the dudes on Earth. Or conscripted to fight and die in a war throughout history and in the present. In fact, the early suffragates, the White Feather Girls, actually shamed men into going to “do their duty” in WWI. As for politics, perhaps you’re not familiar with the Vietnam War. Fun fact; the voting age during ‘Nam was 21. The enlistment age was 18. As for sexuality, France and Germany have made it illegal to test a kid’s DNA without a court order and consent from the other parent. In the former, breaking the law is punishable by up to a year in jail. What about the fact that in the UK, rape is defined, by law, solely as forcibly penetrating someone with a penis? If you have a vagina, and you made him or her have sex with you, it’s a sexual offense, but it ain’t rape.

Also, you’re begging the question here. Even if they themselves have not been “oppressed”, that does not automatically prevent them from recognizing “oppression”.

That’s where a lot of resentment gets brewed, and the #notallmen thing comes from.

Wait, are you saying that people, men and women, protesting what they feel were unfair generalizations about men is oppression? Like the one you’re about to make?

Feminists understand that not all men participate in directly harming women; however, all men directly benefit from the systematic oppression of women.

Directly”? I, as a man, directly benefit if a woman is raped or abused? What if the assailant is another woman? Doesn’t she benefit even a little? Especially given how much society looks the other way when it comes to female abusers? What if the woman in question is my wife, daughter, niece, or sister? Whence do I profit? What if I’m a dude who’s having consensual sex with a woman, and her parents railroad her into accusing me of rape? Heck, if men want sex more than women, how do they benefit from women being encouraged to be less open about their sexuality? How does slut-shaming benefit men?

You’re trying to hold men responsible for oppression of women even if they personally don’t do anything to oppress women, via double-talk. You’re also, in effect, implying  that I’m “directly” responsible for every other black man that’s ever done something wrong to a woman. And that every Hispanic man is responsible for every other Hispanic man. And so on, and so forth.

See what I mean?

Yes, sadly.

All whites benefit from the systematic oppression of people of color.

Including the innocent ones killed in reprisals, like the Boer farmer murders going on in South Africa. Oh, and the ones who are stigmatized for falling in love with said POCs. And what about when the people of color are oppressing each other? What if the white folks are trying to protect the POCs from other white people, and get hurt in the process?

All cisgender people benefit from a system that refuses to recognize trans people.

How are you defining “benefit”, exactly? Are you defining it as “privileged over”? Because those aren’t the same thing. Also, the System recognizes trans people plenty. Admittedly, it’s mostly to marginalize them, but less so these days.

It’s not to say that someone has it worse than another and we’re all in a pissing contest to see who has it worst,

Have…have you not been reading your own post? Or does it not count as a pissing contest when you say “white, cisgendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical and specifically DMAB people” haven’t been oppressed? Because, y’know, once you do all the math, you’re talking about a minority of the human race. In fact, you’re talking about a minority once you use the word “white”.

just that differences exist and different people struggle with different things and all those experiences deserve respect and those people treated with dignity.

Unless they’re “white, cisgendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical and specifically DMAB people”, of course.

tl;dr: women are amazing


and still deserve respect and dignity that they aren’t awarded within a patriarchal society

Pay no attention to the fact that just about every single First World Patriarchal nation has shedloads of programs to help women, and one of the main tenets of most Western Patriarchal societies is protection of women, by men, and you’re implying that women deserve respect by virtue of existing.

 however, that’s one system of oppression and all systems of oppression need to be dismantled.

As long as they’re against the groups you already acknowledge as being oppressed, of course.


Long post but worth it. Egalitarianism and humanism, yes. Feminism, no.

"Feminism isn’t about hating men" except when the situation calls for it. In Portland, if you’re a white straight chubby neuro-good cis-dude with an ok-sized penis, you’re pretty much not allowed to say anything without someone recording it with their iPhone and putting on Reddit to get people to cajole you into being more "tolerant." It’s how I’ve lost several friends, actually. You make a joke, someone says it’s their trigger, you look at them like their fathers did when they said they wanted to be a sex-positive hacktivist blogger, they tell you to read The Invisible Kanpsack, you unfollow them. Women who feel they are being oppressed 24/7 in front of black people - now that’s cute.

But it’s not all that bad - it’s only the end of the world when you talk about feminism or talk about women or to women or around women or in the same county as a woman. And when I say woman, I mean female of the age 40 and under because their mothers were OG feminists who fought and stood for something. Black people, Native Americans, gay war veterans, people missing limbs, etc? They can wait while we deal with issues like the glass ceiling (“no, I shouldn’t have to work harder to make more money - there’s nothing wrong with going to Devry and complaining about people who went to MIT!”) and rape culture (“men rape women, some women have also raped women I guess. Women raping men? That’s a hilarious concept, was that an episode of Frasier? I see that happening to Niles.”). If you have anything to say in response to their protesting slogans, like presenting cases where a man is arrested for letting his wife beat him just because she pressed charges with a lie and he was too nice to return the favor, you’re obviously a hateful person. You know what, so be it. You’re right, I do hate you.

"You’re just an MRA whose opinions come from a hateful toxic place" so I guess there’s no room for debate. You know that joke about how you can’t argue with women? Yeah, it’s really funny, isn’t it?

Man, I can’t wait to talk about anything else but this shit. I just hate how much this generation has ruined the English-speaking world. And I do mean ruin. If we ever go to war on our soil, no one here will unite and fight as one. If we have to rebuild a bridge to get from one town to the other, the project will be put on hold so separate parties can use the city council meetings as an excuse to bicker. If a white boy falls in a ditch off his bike, I’m sure it’ll be written as a joke in the sequel to Dear White People. In fact, that’s where our money is going - making music and movies for campaigns about some brand new oppressed entity instead of putting more desks in the schools that are closing rapidly in cities all over the country. You got people like Andrew W.K. out there going on Fox News to say “look, stop fighting all the time,” meanwhile Tumblr has enough millions of passive-aggressive slacktivists on it that it’s hard to ignore how fucking terrible we’re all becoming. You think this is what Russia is doing? They’re expanding and it’s causing major turmoil - we’re bitching about it on the internet. All our parents were right and we’re all wrong… but especially the goddamn feminists. It’s dead like punk. Those people are in their 60’s, not wearing plaid pants with safety pins. Well, the original feminists are equally as excited to see what you’re all doing with the movement. I can’t wait for feminism to be gone forever so we can start preaching equality.